RenTing Yu

Met a few IDs and I must say that Yihan is not pushy and he is knowledgable. Understanding what we want and he will provide us ideas which will fit us (esp when we have a baby). Very patient guy and keep us up to date on our reno progress. Pleased with our house and definitely recommend people who r looking for a reliable id

Yong Yu Ming

Minghui is meticulous in his designs. He gave rationale & reasonable solutions to your needs. No space is wasted when you consult him. Most importantly, no hard selling in taking up his designs.
He will also respect your ideas and at the same time highlighting contraints if it is not feasible or practical. You can leave the renovation process to him and his team with ease. Everything will be in order! When things are not up to his expectation, he will get it rectified immediately.
I would recommend those who wished for a fuss free and no frills renovation to consider Luova Project services. They will make your experience a beautiful and memorable ones.
Thank you Luova Project services and Minghui!

Pearlin Ong

Ming Hui and his team is exceptional beyond all expectations in delivering our MUJI-inspired design theme request, and we would like to highly recommend him as a highly reliable and creative home maker.
Right from the beginning, my husband and I had a clear idea of our house theme and set out to judge heavily on the design sense of all the IDs we met. None of the IDs came close to compete with Ming Hui in understanding MUJI concept to dream up the perfect interior design we wanted. My most proud of and complimented features in our house are the trellis feature wall and suspended table, and these are all of his creative ID ideas. Throughout the whole renovation process, he took great care to address all of our concerns and requirements.
The finished house is nothing short of what I would call my dream house, and I am extremely lucky to have such a smooth and zero nightmare ID experience. Even after the ID project completion, Ming Hui is still so helpful in giving us advices when we needed some home fix help!
Once again, thank you so much Ming Hui and your team(especially your painter who's so polite and nice to us!)! I know we still own you a meal!

Charleen Toh

We were so lucky to chanced upon Luova Project Services when i saw a blogger's recommendation.. i was skeptical but since we need get some quotations, we just went ahead to meet Minghui, who was also our designer..He made a great impression from the first meeting as he was attentive and he take note of our requirements first then share with us the feasibility of doing it.. this is very important as many designer tends to show off their designs and not really thinking of the long term needs of a customer.. By the second meeting,we were impressed by his sketches and 3D drawing.
Minghui worked well with his contractors and suppliers to ensure minimal hiccup and he always check the site to ensure each stage is done well so he could rectify anything right away when it is wrong.. He also gave wise advise on the type of lights and appliances that are practical and would fit our new home.
During the renovation, we were away for about 2 weeks but we are not worried at all as we are certain he would handle it well.. His patience level was beyond expectation as we was clueless on the details at various stages such as getting the right hob,hood, fridge size, paint color etc but he is always patience and spent a lot of time meeting us again and again to make sure things goes right for all of us..
We are very blessed and lucky to have found Luova Project Services and Minghui has certainly make our home welcoming for us after a long day at work.. My husband and I strongly recommend Luova Project Services! Thumb up!!

Chris Sng

In the period where the trend is all around Scandinavian and Industrial styles, it was hard going door-to-door finding the right ID who knows Japanese simplicity and minimalism. Luova was recommended through a friend of ours because they were happy with their renovation. Minghui is out designer and he made a great impression from the first meeting. He understood the elements necessary for our Japanese minimalistic project. By the second meeting we were impressed by his sketches and 3D drawing.
When it comes to implementation, the team is very fast paced and be prepared for that. Minghui also coordinated the renovation work with other companies with little hiccups, such as aircon, kitchen and bathroom, electricity and lights. He also gave wise advise on the type of lights and appliances that are practical and would fit our new home.
Apart from adding the right design elements, Minghui has a great level of creativity incorporating a wooden trellis feature with suspended dining table. The project was completed in less than 2 months and we were blown away by the end product.
Looking forward go home after a tiring and long day is such a great feeling. It goes to show that Luova deserve to stand alongside the big players in the market. My wife and I strongly recommend Luova Project Services!

Hairul Khafiz

The journey to piecing our beautiful home wasn't easy. We started out by getting quotations from lots of different IDs and kept changing our requirements on every single visit. Most of the IDs we met were merely quoting us based on our exact requirements without giving much ideas, till we chanced upon @luova.
We came to know about Minghui and his company when someone from our project posted a completed photo of their home and of cos the price! I knew, immediately that we must get a quote from them. We first met up with @minghui without much expectations but I must say, he blew us away with his vast knowledge of concepts, themes and ideas. He had given us very good & practical suggestions from the get go. He was never pushy about anything and that's what I truly liked about him. In short, he was very accomodating and addressed each and every one of our concerns from start till end.
From that moment, my wife and I knew that we won't regret the decision engaging him, and all I can say now is I'm truly satisfied and in love with our home every single day for 4 months now!